Pablo Alborán

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Birth Name: Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz

Place of Birth: Málaga, Málaga, Spain

Date of Birth: 31 May, 1989

Ethnicity: Spanish [Andalusian, Castilian, and Valencian], Basque, German

Pablo Alborán is a Spanish musician, singer, and songwriter.

Pablo’s father, Salvador Moreno de Alborán Peralta, is an architect, also from Málaga, Málaga. Pablo’s mother, Marie Hèlene Ferrándiz (or María Elena Ferrándiz Martínez in Spanish), was born in Casablanca, then-part of French Morocco.

Pablo’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourth great-grandfather, Salvador Joaquín Moreno, of San Fernando, Cádiz.

Pablo’s paternal grandfather was Salvador Moreno de Alborán y Reyna (the son of Francisco Moreno y Fernández, 1st Marquess of Alborán, and of Antonia de Reyna y Martínez de Tejada). The 1st Marquess of Alborán was the son of Salvador Moreno y Eliza and María Asunción Fernández Antón. Antonia was the daughter of Tomás de Reyna y Massa, and of a woman surnamed Martínez de Tejada.

Pablo’s paternal grandmother is Trinidad Peralta España (the daughter of Juan Luis Peralta Bundsen and Trinidad España Enciso). Juan Luis was the son of Juan Peralta Apezteguía and Julia Bundsen Scholtz. Pablo’s great-grandmother Trinidad was the daughter of Avelino España Pérez and Araceli Enciso España.

Pablo’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Ferrándiz.

Pablo’s maternal grandmother was surnamed Martínez.

Source: Genealogy of Pablo’s paternal grandmother, Trinidad Peralta España –

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