Oriini Kaipara

Birth Name: Oriini N. Kaipara

Place of Birth: Whakatane, New Zealand

Date of Birth: 25 October, 1983

Ethnicity: Māori, as well as 1.5/16ths English

Oriini Kaipara, also known as Oriini Tipene-Leach, is a New Zealand journalist, Te Reo Māori translator, and television news reporter. Oriini was the first news presenter to have a moko kauae (Māori chin tattoo) on national television. She is the daughter of Shirley and Edward. Oriini is affiliated with Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Awa, Tūhoe, and Ngāti Rangitihi. She has four children with her former husband.

According to a DNA test Oriini is 98% Māori, or Polynesian, 1% Scandinavian, and 1% Caucasus. She has stated:

I know my whakapapa. I have two English tupuna [ancestors] – one on mum’s side, and one on dad’s.

According to written ancestry, both her parents are Māori, with her father having one eighth English and her mother having 1/16th English, roots.

Oriini is a fourth cousin of professional rugby league footballer Benji Marshall, through their shared Biddle ancestors.

Oriini’s paternal grandfather was Wi Keepa Kaipara (the son of Hori Niheta Kaipara and Ana Paina Whatanui). Hori was the grandson of Chief Paerau Mokonuiārangi, of Ngāti Rangitihi, and Toki Pounamu.

Oriini’s paternal grandmother was Kyra Te Maioha Warbrick (the daughter of Wilfred Paerau Warbrick and Parehuia Te Raita Paiwhenua Paihau). Wilfred was the son of Albert Kahukore Warbrick and Jane Sterley. Wilfred’s grandparents were Abraham Warbrick, a doctor and storekeeper from Todmorden, Yorkshire, England, and Ngākarauna Maria Louisa (Rūhia) Paerau, the daughter of Chief Paerau Mokonuiārangi and Toki Pounamu of Ngāti Rangitihi; and Henry James Sturley, a whaler from Norfolk, England, and Tipare Tepau Hinewahirangi.

Oriini’s maternal grandfather was Hori George Te Pou (the son of Hoani Papaka John Wi Te Pou and Mākuini Erueti Biddle). Hori was born in Waimana, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand. Hoani was the son of Arihana Te Pou and Hineiteraupara. Mākuini was the daughter of Erueti Edward Biddle and Pioi Netana Te Whakaari; her paternal grandparents were Benedict Benjamin (Ben) Biddle, a soldier from Alveston, Gloucestershire, England, and Mauri Pakohai Poiakino.

Oriini’s maternal grandmother was Te Auta Hera/Sarah Whetu (the daughter of Hakaraia Whetu Paraha Motutere and Tureiti Karaka Pinekira). Hakaraia was the son of Hiraka Paraha and Te Wai Harakeke Huriana Te Waara of Ngāti Tūwharetoa.

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  1. comrade says:

    Let’s just delete her profile, if she doesn’t want to be featured.

  2. oriinikaipara says:

    This is just weird and wrong reading about my whakapapa written by a stranger, online for the world to see.
    To make matters worse, some of the info is incorrect.
    My father is Edward. Dovi is his older brother. Wi Keepa is my dad’s dad, my koro.

    Yes Ben Biddle and Wilfred Warbrick are my Pākehā ancestors I refer to and acknowledge. Ben is my great-great grandfather and Wilfred is my great grandfather. Their descendants, more specifically my direct line, shows my tipuna married and had children with Māori who also came from strong bloodstock.

    Why is being related to Benji of importance? It’s cool and all but heck, most Māori are related and can trace our ancestry back to our gods and demigods as well as all living things. That’s what being indigenous is.

    • jackson9 says:

      I agree! You are now my favorite celebrity.

    • andrew says:

      Because celebs who have relatively close cousinship by blood are listed here.

    • comrade says:

      I doubt you’ll reply Oriini but here goes.

      Firstly mō taku hē, but I disagree with it being weird and wrong. I’m not posting your address or sensitive details like that.

      Writing about our tīpuna is way remembering them and keeping their mana alive. I’m sure you’ll agree with that as I read your article in e-tangata (which appeared only a few days after your comment here). I personally find it interesting to find out who is related to who. I meant to reply earlier but have been too sleep deprived for the past six months and my scattered brain forgot about it.

      All of the information is public domain (Ancestry, Geni, etc.) so this info was already out there.

      You google yourself, Ms Kaipara?

      Haere rā! -comrade

  3. andrew says:


    She is Benji Marshall relative then (Ben Biddle):


    Btw isn’t she 1/8 English if from her parents has 1/16+1/16

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