Olivia Newton-John

"Sordid Lives: The Series" World Premiere - Arrivals

Newton-John in 2008, photo by PR Photos

Place of Birth: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 26 September, 1948

*50% British Isles [Welsh, English]
*37.5% Ashkenazi Jewish
*12.5% German

Olivia Newton-John is an Australian singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and activist.

Olivia was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, the daughter of Irene Helene (Born) and Brinley “Bryn” Newton-John, an MI5 officer, who worked on the Enigma project at Bletchley Park. Her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, when she was six.

Her father was Welsh, from Cardiff, and had Welsh and English ancestry. Her mother was born in Germany. Olivia’s maternal grandfather was of Jewish background, while Olivia’s maternal grandmother was born to a father of Jewish descent and a mother of non-Jewish, German, descent. Olivia’s mother’s family left Berlin to escape the Nazi regime. Olivia’s mother’s family was Lutheran by religion by the time of Olivia’s mother’s birth. Among Olivia’s Jewish ancestors are German Jews, Polish Jews, and Czech Jews.

Olivia is married to herb company founder John Easterling. She has a daughter, actress and singer Chloe Rose Lattanzi, with her former husband, actor and dancer Matt Lattanzi (Matt is of Italian and Polish descent).

Her uncle was pharmacology professor Gustav Victor Rudolf Born.

Olivia is also a third cousin of comedian and actor Ben Elton, through their great-great-grandparents Rabbi Philipp Ehrenberg and Julie Fischel.

Olivia’s paternal grandfather was named Oliver John (the son of William John and Jane).

Olivia’s paternal grandmother was Daisy Newton (the daughter of James Newton and Elizabeth Richards). James was born in Somerset, England, the son of James Newton and Elizabeth Bryant.

Olivia’s maternal grandather was Max Born, a scientist, who won the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics (the son of Gustav Jacob Born, a histologist and author, and Margarethe Gretchen Kaufmann/Kauffmann). Max was a German Jew, who was born in Breslau, German Empire, now Wrocław, Poland. As an adult, he was baptized a Lutheran. Gustav was born in Kempen, the son of Dr. Marcus Buttermilch/Born and Fanny Epstein. Olivia’s great-grandmother Margarethe was born in Tannhausen, the daughter of Saloman Kaufmann/Kauffmann and Marie Joachimstal/Joachimsthal.

Olivia’s maternal grandmother was Hedwig Martha “Hedi” Ehrenberg (the daughter of Victor Gabriel Ehrenberg, a jurist, and Elise Marie A. Helene von Jhering). Victor was a German Jew, born in Wolfenbüttel, who had converted to the Lutheran religion. He was the son of Rabbi Philipp Ehrenberg, who was born in Wolfenbüttel, and of Julie Fischel, who was born in Prague. Olivia’s great-grandmother Elise was of German, non-Jewish background, and was the daughter of Caspar Rudolph Ritter von Jhering, a jurist, from Aurich, Lower Saxony, and of Ida Christina Frölich.

Source: Genealogy of Olivia Newton-John – https://www.geni.com

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  1. jackson9 says:

    @Smiley, I believe Olivia’s great-grandfather James Newton (1857) was English born and ethnically English not Welsh. From what I could find he was born in Somerset, England. He was the son of James Newton (1820) Somerset, England, and Elizabeth Bryant (1824, Somerset). James was the son of Beadon Paul Newton and Joan Webber. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Bryant and Elizabeth Musgrave. All of these people were English. BTW the great-grandmother who was indeed Welsh was Elizabeth Richards (1846-1932). I think the percentages should be 37.5% Welsh, 37.5% Ashkenazi Jewish, 12.5% English, 12.5% German. I am curious what you think @Smiley

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