Nico Parker

Parker in 2016, photo by

Place of Birth: Brent, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 9 December, 2004

*75% English/Cornish/British Isles
*25% Shona Zimbabwean

Nico Parker is a British actress. She has featured in the films Dumbo (2019) and Reminiscence, and on the shows The Third Day and The Last of Us.

She is the daughter of actress Thandiwe Newton and writer and director Ol Parker.

Nico’s maternal grandfather is named Nick Newton. Nick has Cornish ancestry.

Nico’s maternal grandmother is named Nyasha Jombe. Nyasha is Zimbabwean. Nico’s mother has said that Nyasha is a Shona princess.

Source: Genealogy of Nico Parker (focusing on her mother’s side) –

Parker with parents Ol and Thandiwe in 2019, pic by Prphotos

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  1. midori29 says:

    Funny how dna works because there are biracials 50 white 50 black who actually look whiter than Nico Parker or just plain white. It would be very weird I’m thinking to be 75 percent European and still look noticeably African.

  2. anen87 says:

    There are complaints about her casting in The Last of Us saying it’s Woke cause they changed her character from white to black meaning the actress is black. Yet you come here and she’s ethnically more white than black Lol. It’s really just her hair that is noticeably “black”. Have they straighten her hair I wonder if people would still say is “woke” casting?
    With a different hairstyle this girl looks really white!

  3. RadDaddy says:

    “75% English/British Isles,” Nico surely looks like nearly the same skin tone/eye color as “African American” Gary Dourdan and MANY other “African Americans” on this site for that matter….
    Go figure….
    I guess is Nico Parker exempt from the one drop rule…
    Maybe its the British thing?

    Oh, some digging can no doubt find Gary Dourdan’s (and others) white ancestry on both sides of their families.
    I understand how this site works and the vibe and politics that it imbues.
    You do have one or two solid posters on here with a moral compass and who are willing to confront rank ignorance/hypocrisy and blatant outright bigotry.

    For a site devoted to celebrity profiles, I can tell you that most of your comments are not about their cinematic/modeling/political work, nor the content of their characters; but instead cheaply constructed racist and more commonly antisemitic screeds are spewed with the upmost venom on your comment’s section.

    Not my job though to right a wrong that I didn’t create, it’s the bigoted and blind posters of biracial people with heavily admixed black ancestry that are guilty of that misdeed…
    No real research on them is ever initiated…
    Maybe I will take up the challenge….
    Problem is that my corrections will likely be ignored or better yet swarmed by concern trolling…

    Oh, and you better believe colorism exists to this day in the U.S. black community and they do take notice.
    Why sweep this fact under the carpet and paint a portrait of a wide mosaic called “African Americans”?
    That has NEVER been the case in the USA.
    Mix caste Africans were routinely treated quite differently and meticulously categorized all over the empire of European conquest.

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