Nicholas D’Agosto

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Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 17, 1980

*father – Italian, including Sicilian
*mother – one half Dutch, one quarter Norwegian, English, Scottish, Alsatian German

Nicholas D’Agosto is an American actor. He has had leading roles in the films Election, Fired Up!, and Final Destination 5. He has also been credited as Nick D’Agosto.

His father is of Italian descent, with some roots in Sicily. His maternal grandfather was of Dutch descent and his maternal grandmother had Norwegian, English, Scottish, and Alsatian German ancestry.

Nicholas is married to Andrea Bricco, with whom he has a son.

Nicholas’s paternal grandfather was Aldo P. D’Agosto (the son of William Guglielmo/Gugliemo D’Agosto and Maria/Mary Anna D’Reussi/Dreussi/Driussi). Aldo was born in Nebraska, to Italian parents. William was born in Majano, Province of Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, the son of Alfonso/Alphonso D’Agosto/Diagosto and Lucia Petronilla/Perina Delle Case/Delli Casa. Maria Anna was also born in Majano, the daughter of Pietro Driussi and Maria Livo.

Nicholas’s paternal grandmother was Josephine A. Bruno (the daughter of Joseph Bruno and Angeline/Angelina Circo). Josephine was born in Nebraska, to Italian parents. Angeline was from Siracusa, Sicily.

Nicholas’s maternal grandfather was John R. Vellinga (the son of Henry R. Vellinga and Dena/Gerritdina Reinders). John was born in Iowa. Henry and Dena were born in Iowa. Henry was the son of Reingert Vellinga, who was Dutch, and of Wellie/Nellie Van Der Wilt, who was born in Iowa, to Dutch parents. Dena was the daughter of John G. Reinders, who was Dutch, and of Bertha Hofmeyer, who was born in Illinois, to Dutch parents, Gerrit J. Hofmeyer and Dena Rienhuis.

Nicholas’s maternal grandmother was Julia E./L. Hanson (the daughter of George Allen Hanson and Rebecca Jane Bursell). Julia was born in South Dakota. George was born in South Dakota, the son of Elling N. Hanson, who was Norwegian, and of Julia Anderson/Rasmus, who was born in Wisconsin, to Norwegian parents. Rebecca was the daughter of Samuel Lewis Bursell and Rebecca Jane Shank, and had English, Scottish, and Alastian German ancestry. Many of Rebecca’s ancestors had lived in the United States since the 1600s, and some had lived in Canada.

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