Nell Verlaque

Place of Birth: New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 19, 2000

Ethnicity: Irish, one eighth Seychellois [French, Malagasy, Tamil Indian], English, Scottish, other French

Nell Verlaque is an American actress and singer. She stars on the show Big Shot and in the film Thanksgiving (2023).

Nell is the daughter of actor, writer, and director Robert Verlaque (Robert Laurence Verlaque). Her father was born in Tunis, Tunisia, to American parents.

Nell’s paternal grandfather was Jules Lawrence Verlaque (the son of Jules D’Artagnan Verlaque and Minnie Stapleton). Nell’s grandfather Jules was born in New York. Nell’s great-grandfather Jules was born in Victoria, on the island of Mahé, Seychelles, the son of Jules D’Artagnan Verlaque and Marie-Delsine Zélina Barallon; and was of French, Malagasy, and Indian (from India) ancestry, with forebears who also lived on the islands Mauritius and Réunion, a French overseas deparment. Nell’s great-grandmother Minnie was Irish.

Nell’s paternal grandmother was Giselle E. E. Wilkes (the daughter of Gilbert Wilkes and Rose E. Lemmelet). Giselle was born in Pennsylvania. Gilbert was the son of Gilbert Wilkes and Harriet Ethel Denby. Rose was born in France.

Nell’s maternal grandfather was named Peter Logan.

Nell’s maternal grandmother was named Kathleen O’Rawe. Kathleen was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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  1. momof3 says:

    Change Indian to Tamil. She has ancestors from Puducherry/Pondicherry and has ancestors with the last name Ramalinga(m), which is a Tamil name.

  2. Akwaba says:

    One of the most unique backgrounds I saw on this site !

  3. madman says:

    I found some more detailed genealogies of her Seychellois ancestors. As expected they aren’t all French.

    Change to:
    Seychellois (French, Malagasy, Indian)

    She might have more African ancestry than just from Madagascar, it’s hard to tell.

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