Nathan Trent

KYIV, UKRAINE – MAY 10, 2017: Trent from Austria at the second semi-final rehearsal during Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine, LightField Studios/

Birth Name: Nathanaele Eugenio Koll-della Torre di Valsassina

Place of Birth: Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

Date of Birth: 4 April, 1992

*Austrian (father)
*Italian (mother)

Nathan Trent is an Austrian singer. He represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Nathan’s father, Reinhard Koll, is a violinist, from Vienna. Nathan’s mother, Mizar della Torre di Valsassina, is Italian.

Nathan’s maternal grandfather was named Chlotario della Torre di Valsassina.

Nathan’s maternal grandmother was named Addis Brizi. Addis was born in Nepi, Viterbo, Latium.


Obituary of Nathan’s maternal grandfather, Chlotario della Torre di Valsassina –

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  1. andrew says:

    tag “friulian” (maternal grandfather)

    Addis Brizi was born in Nepi, Viterbo, Latium.

  2. Manila says:

    Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 2 results are out.

    The following participants (who are present on this site) who are qualified to the finals are:
    – Nathan Trent
    – Ilinca Băcilă
    – Alex Florea
    – O’G3NE
    – Anja Nissen
    – Jacques Houdek
    – JOWST
    – Aleksander Walmann
    – Kristian Kostov
    – Imri Ziv

    The following participants (who are present on this site) who did not qualify to the finals are:
    – Tijana Bogićević
    – Claudia Faniello
    – Brendan Murray
    – Valentina Monetta
    – Miruna Mănescu (of Timebelle)
    – Koit Toome
    – Laura Põldvere

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