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Birth Name: Milo Anthony Ventimiglia

Place of Birth: Anaheim, Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 8, 1977

*Italian/Sicilian (father)
*English, Scottish (mother)

Milo Ventimiglia is an American actor. He is known for his role on the series Heroes, as Peter Petrelli, and This Is Us, as Jack Pearson.

Milo’s father, Peter Ventimiglia, is of Italian (Sicilian) descent. Milo’s mother, Carol Lynn (Wilson), has English and Scottish ancestry. Milo’s maternal grandfather was from a family from the American South, while Milo’s maternal grandmother was from a family of recent emigrants from Canada, and England and Scotland before then.

Miloa has said:

…my family is Italian English Irish Scottish French and Native American…

Milo’s mother is specifically said to have Cherokee Native American and Blackfoot Native American ancestry. She is also said to have Indian (from the country, India) roots. It is not clear if these lineages have been verified/documented. All of Milo’s maternal grandparents and great-grandparents are listed as “White” on United States Censuses. It is also not clear which of Milo’s ancestors were Irish and/or French.

Milo’s paternal grandfather was John Anthony Ventimiglia (the son of Pietro/Peter Ventimiglia and Dorotea/Dorothy Corriere/Corrier). John was born in Illinois, to Italian parents. Pietro was from Alimena, Province of Palermo, Sicily, Italy, and was the son of Gaetano Ventimiglia and Calogera Militano. Dorotea was from Termini Imerese, also in Palermo, and was the daughter of Giovanni Curreri and Vincenza La Stella. The word Ventimiglia, meaning “twenty miles”, comes from the town of Ventimiglia, in Liguria, Italy, which later gave its name to another city, Ventimiglia di Sicilia. Ventimiglia is also a noble family.

Milo’s maternal grandfather was Anthie/Anthony “Tony” Wilson, Jr. (the son of Anthie Wilson and Sudie Mae Morris). Milo’s great-grandfather Anthie was the son of John Wesley Wilson and Zora Elima West. Sudie was the daughter of Charles Morris and Eddie.

Milo’s maternal grandmother was Frances Emily Maynard (the daughter of Leslie Philip/Phillip Maynard and Janet Emily Lamont). Frances was born in Canada, to American parents, from Michigan. Leslie was the son of John/James Henry Maynard and Jane F. Keaton. Milo’s great-grandmother Janet Lamont was born in Michigan, to Canadian parents, from Ontario, William Keith Lamont, whose parents were Scottish, and Jane A. Marshall.

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