Melia Kreiling

Melia Kreiling – Brian Bowen Smith’s “Metallic Life” Exhibition Opening at De Re Gallery in Los Angeles – De Re Gallery, 8920 Melrose Avenue – Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2015 – Photo Credit:

Place of Birth: Geneva, Switzerland

Date of Birth: October 6, 1990

*father – German, English, Irish
*mother – Greek

Melia Kreiling is a Swiss-born American actress.

Her father was American, and was mostly of German, English, and Irish descent. Her mother is Greek. Melia was raised in Athens, Greece.

Melia’s paternal grandfather was Tilmon Kreiling (the son of Arthur Kreiling and Florence B. Eakes). Arthur was the son of German parents, Henry Krieling and Marie/Mary Steitz.

Melia’s paternal grandmother was Harriette J. Hofer (the daughter of Theodore C. Hofer and Myrtle F. Weaver). Theodore was the son of Lucas Sylvester Hofer, whose parents were German, and of Caroline Margaret Friedman, whose parents were also German. Myrtle was the daughter of Winfield Scott Weaver and Jennie Murphy/Murphey.

Source: Obituary of Melia’s father –

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