Matt Nix

Nix in 2017, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Matthew E. Nix

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 4, 1971

Ethnicity: English, Irish, Scottish, possibly other

Matt Nix is an American writer, producer, and director. He is known for creating USA Network television series Burn Notice, as well as Fox series The Good Guys and The Gifted.

Matt’s paternal grandfather was William Allen “Bob” Nix (the son of The Rev. Pernell Ollie/Olia Nix and Ola Mae McNemar). William was born in Mississippi. The Rev. Pernell was born in Mississippi. Ola was born in Mississippi, the daughter of Hiram Allen McNemar and Janie E.

Matt’s paternal grandmother was Grace Loveridge (the daughter of Charles Christopher “Charlie” Loveridge and Florence McGrath). Grace was born in New York. Charles was born in New York, to English parents, Harry Loveridge and Mary Ann Fish. Florence was born in New York, the daughter of Andrew McGrath and Grace McLaughlin.

Matt’s maternal grandfather likely was named Ernest Durr.

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