Marty York

York in 2020, photo by DFree/

Birth Name: Omar Kenneth Esmaeel

Place of Birth: Auburn, Placer, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 23, 1980

*father – Egyptian
*mother – English, Irish, German, Norwegian, one quarter Russian, possibly other

Marty York is an American actor. He is known for his work in the film The Sandlot and on the series Boy Meets World, among other titles.

His father is Egyptian. His mother, cinematographer and digital technician Deanna Esmaeel (née Lehan), is mostly of English, Irish, German, Norwegian, and Russian descent. She adopted her stepfather’s surname at a young age.

Marty’s paternal grandfather was named Mohammed Esmaeel.

Marty’s paternal grandmother was named Zeneb Zaher.

Marty’s maternal grandfather was John Lawrence “Jack” Lehan, Jr. (the son of John Lawrence Lehan and Agnes Borghild Tiller). Marty’s grandfather John was born in California. Marty’s great-grandfather John was born in Iowa, the son of Daniel Martin Lehan, whose parents were Irish, and of Alma Viola Steele. Agnes was born in Iowa, to Norwegian parents, George Edward Tiller and Matilda Sundland.

Marty’s maternal grandmother was Marilyn Gay Davis (the daughter of a father surnamed Davis, and of Yvonne Olga Vasutin/Vasyutin). Marilyn was born in California. Yvonne was born in California, to Russian parents, John Vasutin and Frances, who were likely ethnic Russians.

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