Maria Brink

Birth Name: Maria Diane Brink

Place of Birth: Schenectady, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 18, 1975

*maternal grandfather – Cuban [Spanish (including Canary Islander), other], small amount of English
*maternal grandmother – Italian, Polish

Maria Brink is an American musician. She is the lead vocalist and pianist of the heavy metal band In This Moment. Her mother is named Rita. Her father likely is named Ronald Brink. She has a son. A picture of her mother and maternal grandfather can be seen here.

Maria’s maternal grandfather was Carlos Manuel Barrera (the son of Armando Barrera and Coralia “Cora” Hernández). Carlos was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Armando was the son of Cuban emigrants, Enrique Barrera and América Cowley, the latter of Havana. The surname Cowley is of English origin. Coralia was the daughter of Cuban emigrants, Claudio Herculano Hernández Jiménez and María Agustina “Mary” González, both of Havana.

Maria’s maternal grandmother is Sylvia F. Politano (the daughter of Anthony John “Tony” Politano and Cecylia Osowicka). Sylvia was born in Amsterdam, New York. Anthony was the son of Giorgio Domenico (later George Dominic) Politano, of Naples, and of Maria (later Mary) Concetta Giuffre, of Genoa. Cecylia was the daughter of Polish immigrants, Antoni “Tony” Osowicki and Katie Lis.

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