Lyle Brocato

Lyle Brocato – “A Bad Moms Christmas” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – Regency Village Theatre – Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2017 – Photo Credit: /

Birth Name: Lyle Nicholas Brocato

Place of Birth: Patterson, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 30, 1979

*Italian/Sicilian (father)
*French, Scottish (mother)

Lyle Brocato is an American actor.

Lyle is married to actress Angelena Swords.

Lyle’s paternal grandfather was named Anthony J. “Tony” Brocato (the son of Sam Brocato and Angelina). Anthony was born in either Arkansas or Louisiana, to parents from Cefalù, Province of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Lyle’s paternal grandmother was Angelina/Angeline Catherine “Angie” Drago (the daughter of Peter Drago and Angelina Nicosia). Angelina was born in Lettsworth, Louisiana. Peter was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Lyle’s great-grandmother Angelina was born in Louisiana, to parents from Italy. Her surname is Sicilian.

Lyle’s maternal grandfather was Howard “Pee-Wee” Nezat (the son of René Andre Nezat and Celonise Morain). Howard was born in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. René was the son of Alexis Nezat and Marie Constance “Eucestance” Lalonde.

Lyle’s maternal grandmother was Rosemary Moreau (the daughter of Joseph Lawrence Moreau and Beatrice Kerr). Rosemary was born in Washington, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Beatrice was the daughter of Albert Arthur Kerr and Mary Ellia St. Cyr.

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  1. andrew says:

    * Italian (Sicilian) (father)
    * French, Scottish (mother)

    Anthony J. “Tony” Brocato’s parents were from Cefalù, Province of Palermo, Sicily

    Peter Drago was born in Palermo, Sicily. “Nicosia” is also a Sicilian family.

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