Luka Jones

Birth Name: Luka Yovetich

Place of Birth: Evanston, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 18, 1975

*father – Serbian
*mother – Scottish, Irish, English, some German

Luka Jones is an American comedian and actor. He appeared on the sitcoms Best Friends Forever and Up All Night.

Luka is the son of Diana and Gene Yovetich. He was raised in Illinois and Colorado.

Luka’s paternal grandfather is Eli Yovetich (the son of Mile/Mike Jovetic and Mary Poznic). Eli was born in Kansas, and was of Serbian descent. Mile was born in Pla┼íki, Karlovac, Croatia, the son of Rade Jovetic and Starka Ralich. Mary was born in either Yugoslavia or Austria.

Luka’s paternal grandmother is Mary Skorupan (the daughter of Peter D. “Pete” Skorupan and Alla “Helen” Timotejevic/Temorovich). Mary was born in Kansas. Peter was born in either Yugoslavia or Austria, and was a member of a Serbian Orthodox Church. Alla was born in Yugoslavia.

Luka’s maternal grandfather was Dwane Leon Wallace (the son of Eugene Wallace and Grace Opal Cessna). Dwane was born in Kansas. Eugene was born in Missouri, the son of Alfred Newton Wallace and Cora M. Hubbell. Grace was born in Kansas, the daughter of James William Cessna and Mary Vandora Skates.

Luka’s maternal grandmother was Velma Ruth Lunt (the daughter of John William Lunt and Elfie Oral Bodkin). Velma was born in Kansas. John was born in Illinois, the son of Benjamin R. Lunt and Annie M. Harding. Elfie was born in Illinois, the daughter of Robert T. Bodkin and Margaret Minerva Wright.

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