Lilan Bowden

Bowden in 2018, photo by

Birth Name: Alice Lilan Bowden

Place of Birth: Castro Valley, Alameda, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 1, 1985

*English, Welsh (father)
*Taiwanese (mother)

Lilan Bowden is an American actress.

Lilan is the daughter of Shiou (Chen) and Ivor Bowden. Her father is American. Her mother is from Taiwan.

Lilan’s paternal granfather was named James H. Bowden.

Lilan’s paternal grandmother was Joan Haddon (the daughter of John R. Haddon and Lillian I. Salmon). Joan was born in California. John was born in Indiana, the son of Jessie E. “Jess” Haddon/Hadden and Margret/Margrit Griffith, who was Welsh. Lillian was born in Colorado, the daughter of Ivor/Iver Salmon, whose parents were from England and Wales, and of Esther Davies, whose parents were Welsh.

Source: Obituary of Lilan’s paternal grandmother, Joan (Haddon) Bowden –

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  1. TeddyBearBoy says:

    Is this why she’s on Andi Mack, because she’s Taiwanese

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