Libe Barer

Barer in 2018, photo by DFree/

Birth Name: Libe Alexandra Barer

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 19, 1991

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, some Mexican

Libe Barer is an American actress.

Libe is the daughter of Ana and Sergio Barer. Her sister is actress Ariela Barer. Her family is Mexican. Their ancestry is mostly Ashkenazi Jewish, from Eastern Europe, with at least two Mexican great-grandparents, one and/or both of whom were Catholic.

Libe’s sister has stated:

Both my parents were born in Mexico. They’re also both Jewish. We’re pretty much from everywhere, in all honesty. I feel most connected to my Latina heritage, for sure. Most of my family, except for my parents, lives in Mexico. So, whenever we visit anywhere it’s to Mexico. I’ll be going there for the holidays.

Libe’s maternal grandfather was Ernesto Benjamin Rittner Pedroza (the son of Carlos Kulner/Kuttner Rittner and María del Refugio Pedroza). Carlos was born in Lithuania. María was Mexican, and was the daughter of Justo Pedroza and María del Refugio Serrano.

Libe’s maternal grandmother is Lya Monzón (the daughter of Justino Guillermo Antonio Monzón Estrada and Michalina/Michaelina Bornstein). Justino was a Mexican Catholic, from San Agustín, Jonacatepec, Morelos, and was the son of Antonio Monzón Pérez and Justina Estrada. Libe’s great-grandmother Michalina was born in Poland, to a Jewish family, and was the daughter of Joszef Mordejai Bornstein and Sara Rojl Engel. Libe’s great-great-grandmother Sara was the daughter of Jaim Mayer Engel and Laya Rochma.

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