Leah Remini

Remini in 2010, Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Leah Marie Remini

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 15, 1970

*Italian/Sicilian (father)
*Austrian Jewish (mother)

Leah Remini is an American actress, producer, author, comedian, and activist. She is known for her roles on the shows The King of Queens and Kevin Can Wait, and in the film Old School.

Leah is the daughter of Vicki (re-marriage surname Marshall) and George Remini. Her father’s background is Sicilian, and Catholic. Her mother is Jewish, of Austrian Jewish descent.

Leah is married to Puerto Rican actor Angelo Pagán, with whom she has a daughter.

Leah was baptized Catholic. She practiced Scientology, before leaving the group and becoming anti-Scientology activist. In 2015, she stated that she is exploring Catholicism.

Leah’s paternal grandfather was named Joseph Remini.

Leah’s paternal grandmother was named Mary.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. shobohunter says:

    looks white…

    • WTF says:

      Not fully. She appears to have African and Native American admixture. Even for an Italian, she is too exotic. I still don’t believe she’s fully white. She looks quadroon or octaroon with Native American influences. In fact, she looks like she could be Mariah Carey’s sister.

  2. WTF says:

    i was sure she had a little black in her. she has that mariah carey look.

  3. Angelalibohova says:

    She looks Austrian to me..

    • Vik27 says:

      She doesnt look Austrian. She looks Sicilian and Jewish both are Mediterranean. Austrian Jews are LEVANTINE AND MEDITERRANEAN.we Ashkenazim are genetically half Italian and half middle eastern. Before Germany we came from Italy and before that Judea . Ashkenazim are ITALIAN Jews who are genetically levantines and Graeco-Roman from southern italy central italy and Greece who migrated to Germany from Italy and than moved eastwards to Eastern Europe.These Ashkenazim look middle eastern Just upload your raw DNa on Gedmatch to see what this category (your ancestry) includes. The category Ashkenazi Jewish or European Jewish doesn’t mean Eastern Europe just because it is highlighted on a map on Ancestry DNa or Myheritage , even the description says that Jews from Eastern Europe are genetically closer to other Jews than to their non Jewish neighbors , meaning a Russian Jew is genetically closer to a Yemeni, Iraqi , Syrian , Persian or Moroccan Jew than to a Russian Christian. The category European Jewish means that our West Asian (levantines) and our Mediterranean ancestry is already included .GEDMATCH is as I already mentioned recommandable for unlocking your West Asian amount as well as your Italian admixture amount, sometimes Ashkenazim get directly Italian and West Asian (instead of European Jewish where it is already included).Nevertheless Ashkenazim cluster with Samaritans (who are the purest Israelites), Mizraim, sephardics, Italkim (who are the ancestors of Ashkenazim ) , Romaniotes, Druze, Bedouins from the Negev (Israel), palestinians, jordanians, Syrians, lebanese Christians , Assyrians, Chaldeans, Mandeans, Syrian Orthodox Christians (aramaics) on the male line of their DNa (Y-DNa) , the female line however clusters with Sicilians, southern Italians such as Calabrese, Napolitans, Italian Abbruzzo, Italy Lazio, Italy Molise, Basilicata, Apulia, as well as central Italy such as Tuscany , Marche , Umbria , Emilia Romagna, and some northern Italy such as Veneto and Bergamo as well as Greeks (Thessally , Cretans mainly ) , Cypriots, Maltese.The oldest Ashkenazim community in Germany goes back to the 3rd century in cologne and Mainz (founded by Italian Jews), the most prominent Ashkenazim families Kalonymous family goes back to Lucca (Tuscany). The exodus from Italy to Germany happened in the 3rd century, 10th and 11th century. Jews are NOT European. Upload Ashkenazim and sephardic DNa on Gedmatch and it breaks it down into levantines and Mediterranean. BOTH of are semitic and Mediterranean. Jews descend from JUDEA (Judah Benjamin simeon and Levi) . Samaritans are from Joseph as they are like JEWS Ashkenazim and sephardic cluster closest together as they are BOTH semitic and Mediterranean. Ashkenazim are genetically 100 % Mediterranean. The paternal line (male) is levantines and the female line of their DNa is Mediterranean from southern Italian central Italian and Greek women. This is known as the Graeco-Roman admixture in Ashkenazim. It was roman JEWS from ITALY who settled in Germany (Ashkenaz ) and later migrated eastwlater migrated eastwards.

      • Oaken05 says:

        You need to stop doing this on everyone’s thread to years old comments.

        • jackson9 says:

          But how else will we be reminded that Ashkenazi Jews are half middle eastern half Italian?

        • Vik27 says:

          I wouldnt tough if people wouldnt be straight igorant morons. Lots of idiots dont know the history of Ashkenazim and Sephardics on this site. Trust me I would love to ignore this comments , but if someone writes such an absurd nonsense.

          • ashash says:

            Unless you consider Leah to be biracial, it hardly matters. Ethnically, she is half Italian (Sicilian) and half Ashkenazi Jewish. That’s the end of it for me.

            Most of these comments are weird and claiming she looks Black. She doesn’t.

  4. COOLGUY2012 says:


  5. I love you, Roger Scientist says:

    Beautiful mix.

    She grew up into a pretty woman.

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