Laurentino Cortizo

Place of Birth: Panama City, Panama

Date of Birth: 30 January, 1953

*father – Galician Spanish
*mother – Panamanian, Sephardi Jewish

Laurentino Cortizo is a Panamanian politician. He has served as President of Panama, since 1 July, 2019. He was also President of the National Assembly, from 1 September, 2000 to 31 August, 2001, and Minister of Agricultural and Livestock Development, from 1 September, 2004 to 10 January, 2006.

His father, Laurentino Cortizo Cortizo, was Spanish, from Beariz, Ourense. His mother, Esther Cohen Escudero, was of part Greek Jewish descent.

President Cortizo is married to Yazmín Colón, with whom he has two children.

President Cortizo’s paternal grandfather was Manuel Cortizo Vidal (the son of José Cortizo and Dolores Vidal). Manuel was born in the province of Pontevedra.

President Cortizo’s paternal grandmother was Dorinda Cortizo Pérez (the daughter of Constantino Cortizo and Liberata Pérez).

President Cortizo’s maternal grandfather was named Manuel Cohen. Manuel was born in Bohío.

President Cortizo’s maternal grandmother was named Sofía del Carmen Escudero (the daughter of an unknown father, and of Sixta Escudero). Sofía was born in Las Tablas, Los Santos. Sixta was the daughter of Manuela Antonia Escudero.

President Cortizo’s maternal line can be traced back to his fourth great-grandmother, María Antonia Escudero.

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    *father – Galician Spanish
    *mother – Panamanian, Sephardi Jewish

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