Laura Pausini

The 10th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Pausini in 2009, photo by

Place of Birth: Faenza, Province of Ravenna, Emilia–Romagna, Italy

Date of Birth: 16 May, 1974

Ethnicity: Italian

Laura Pausini is an Italian singer, songwriter, and television personality. She has sold at least 45 million records worldwide, and has won a Grammy Award and four Latin Grammy Awards.

She was born in Faenza and raised in Solarolo, a small commune in North Italy, the daughter of Gianna Ballardini and Fabrizio Pausini. Her father was a pianist, who played with ABBA’s Frida Lyngstad.

Laura has a daughter with her fiancé, guitarist, composer, music producer, and singer Paolo Carta.

Three of Laura’s grandparents were named Arturo, Maria, and Teresa/”Norma.”


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  1. CoolBeANs says:

    How do I tag that stupid girl from Sardinia in this comment? She keeps saying Italians from the North are all super white and pure. I didn’t even know who this woman was, but I checked on Google and she’s supposed to be from North Italy. How come she looks like this then? She doesn’t look super white to me. Who’s gonna tell that idiot that Italians are not as white as she thinks?

    • andrew says:


      Poor delusional girl, she sees north Italians as nordic gods being from an exotic island.

    • CoolBeANs says:

      Number one show me somewhere that says her origins are in the south. It didn’t say anything like that on Wikipedia. Also I think I pointed to you several cases of real Italians which are clearly not white and this proves exactly my point. Italians are a very mixed population, not only in the south. So you definitely are not qualified to discriminate people that are not white because you belong to a country full of non-white people

      • andrew says:


        There is no need to troll all the Italian people in this case because of a nutcase.

        • CoolBeANs says:

          I know Andrew. I have nothing against Italians. I have several Italian-American friends and I love them. Someone should come and deport that idiot away from Italy, and from the Milky Way. I’m sure there must be aliens out there that seem more normal to our race than that thing

      • CoolBeANs says:

        But what ——- language is that??? I didn’t understand a word of what you said. If you cannot write in a proper, understandable way, I’m sure you can go on some Italian website and talk with your friends that speak your same language. You keep saying us Euros as if Italians were the typical European standard looks. Again they’re not. Most countries in Europe have more homogeneous looks to each other than Italy. So please don’t consider yourself the typical European person, because I’m sure most people in Europe don’t consider you like that

      • CoolBeANs says:

        Also you think I should be banned from this website because I’m offensive??? You offended me for being a gay person and that is such a red flag. I hope this website is going to really do something about it. I didn’t say anything offensive to you. I only pointed all the false information you spread on this website and the hate towards poc

      • CoolBeANs says:

        You can say whatever you want to me I don’t care. But regardless what I said to you attacking someone based on their sexual orientation has no excuse, no matter what the other person has said or done to you. We are in 2023, people that still think they can hold on the gay card to offend someone is such a sad and wrong thing to do

      • CoolBeANs says:

        I never offended you for your race. I just called you out for saying white Americans don’t look European. That’s ridiculous. I know there’s plenty of mixed people here, but there’s also plenty of us who have fully European descendants. And for you to say we are not white when you come from a very mixed country (you confirmed that too saying Italians in the south have Arab or whatever origins) I thought it was very inappropriate

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