Khleo Thomas

Khleo Thomas

Thomas in 2011, photo by Joe Seer/

Birth Name: Khaleed Leon Thomas

Place of Birth: Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 30, 1989

*African-American (father)
*Sephardi Jewish (mother)

Khleo Thomas is an American actor, rapper, singer, and entertainer. He has co-starred in the films Holes (2003) and Roll Bounce.

Khleo was born in Anchorage, Alaska, to an African-American father and a Moroccan Jewish mother. His father was in the military, and the family lived in Germany before settling in California.

Khleo’s paternal grandmother is Mose Zell Thomas (the daughter of Simon George Thomas and Nomie Lee Massingill). Mose was born in Texas. Simon was the son of Henry Thomas and Mattie Recia/Reisa Baldwin. Nomie was the daughter of Earnest/Ernest Massengill/Massingale and Kate/Katie Anderson.

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  1. nnnnn says:

    What’s the name Khleo? Khleopatra?

  2. nnnnn says:

    How can they not recognize, that you are a girl (a young
    one?). Which man would tell, Bloom, Efron, Palmers etc
    are pretty? Maybe a gay.

  3. memphis says:

    To Gottlob, it really depends on the region but I would say around 1 to 5% admixture. In parts of the Southern States like Kentucky and Tennessee, there was the tri racial Melungeons. In Louisiana there was the mix of Creoles and Creoles of color. Many mixed ppl would pass as “white” like many of Thomas Jefferson’s descendants.

    • gottlob says:

      I have always believed it was a small percent. Although it is more visible in the southern states of the country. Mostly White with Native American Admixture and on some occasions with some African is what a US White citizen is.

    • andrew says:

      Jefferson slave lover was just 1/4 black so I presume the descendants can pass for white at their most

  4. fuzzybear44 says:

    instead of just two people debating

  5. Affellay says:

    He looks more Arabic than Jewish or African.

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