Ken Anderson

Birth Name: Kenneth Allan/Allen Anderson

Place of Birth: Batavia, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 15, 1949

*50% Swedish
*37.5% German
*12.5% English

Ken Anderson is an American professional football player. He is a quarterback, who played his entire National Football League career with the Cincinnati Bengals.

He is the son of Jean and Erik Anderson. His paternal grandparents emigrated from Sweden to Illinois. His mother was of three quarters German and one quarter English descent.

Ken’s paternal grandfather was named Oscar Alfred Anderson.

Ken’s paternal grandmother was named Alma Eugenia Ericsson.

Ken’s maternal grandfather was Leroy Frederick Phillips (the son of Edward J. Phillips and Harriet Runkle). Edward was born in Illinois, to German parents, August Christian Phillips and Mary Weis. Harriet was born in Illinois, also to German parents, Beltas Runkle and Elizabetha Hummel.

Ken’s maternal grandmother was Edna Scherff (the daughter of Oscar Phillips Scherff and Alice Sheldon). Oscar was born in Wisconsin, to German parents Johannes Philip Scherff and Lena Caroline Grau. Alice was English.

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