Kaja Kallas

Place of Birth: Tallinn, Estonia

Date of Birth: 18 June, 1977

Ethnicity: Estonian, as well as 1/16 Latvian, possibly some German

Kaja Kallas is an Estonian politician. She has served as Prime Minister of Estonia, since 26 January, 2021, and Leader of the Reform Party, since 14 April, 2018. She was previously a member of the European Parliament for Estonia, from 1 July, 2014 to 5 September, 2018.

She is the daughter of Kristi (Kartus) and politician Siim Kallas, who served as the 14th Prime Minister of Estonia.

Prime Minister Kallas is married to Arvo Hallik. She has a son with her former partner Taavi Veskimägi.

Prime Minister Kallas’ patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her sixth great-grandfather, Hinrik (died 23 June 1751).

Prime Minister Kallas’ paternal grandfather was Udo Kallas (the son of Eduard Johannes Kallas and Marie Weidenstrauch). Udo was born in Tallinn. Eduard was the son of Ado Kallas and Liisa Põdder. Marie was the daughter of Juhan Weidenstrauch and Mari Stollberg.

Prime Minister Kallas’ paternal grandmother was Rita Alver (the daughter of Eduard Hans Christian Alver and Selma Amalie Henriette Buhmeister). Rita was born in Tartu. Eduard was the son of Märt Alver and Olga-Emilie Brucks. Selma was the daughter of Jannis (or Johann in German) Buhmeister, who was from Wormen, Courland, Latvia, and of Anna Maria Masgis, who was from Riga, Latvia.

Prime Minister Kallas’ maternal grandfather was Johan Kartus (the son of Jaan Kartus and Johanna Maria Vallas). Johan was born in Vana-Kariste, Mulgi, Viljandi. Jaan was the son of Jaan Raal and Ann Kartus. Johanna was the daughter of Johan Vallas and Tiiu Liigant.

Prime Minister Kallas’ maternal grandmother was Veera Rosentaal (later Rohtla, the daughter of Ants Rosentaal, later Rohtla, and of Olga Truk). Veera was born in Uue-Antsla, Antsla, Võru. Ants was the son of Märt Rosentaal and Katre Urbanik.

Source: Genealogy of Kaja Kallas – https://www.geni.com

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