Justin Abdelkader

Birth Name: Justin J. Abdelkader

Place of Birth: Muskegon, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 25, 1987

*father – Palestinian Arab, Polish
*mother РEnglish, Cornish, Norwegian, Dutch

Justin Abdelkader is an American professional ice hockey player.

Justin is the son of Sheryl and Joseph Abdelkader. He is married to Julie Leshkevich, with whom he has one child.

Justin’s paternal grandfather was named Joseph/Yusuf Mosatif Abdelkader/Abdul Qadir. Joseph was an Arab emigrant, who was born in Bethaenna, then in the Ottoman Empire.

Justin’s paternal grandmother was Sophia V. “Susie” Roebuck (the daughter of John Roebuck and Carolina/Caroline/Catharina Mesva). Sophia was born in Richwood, West Virginia, to Polish parents.

Justin’s maternal grandfather was James Edward Pedler (the son of Victor Herbert Pedler and Lillian V. Lancaster). Victor was the son of Frederick Guy Pedler, who was Cornish, and of Ellen Mary Mathieson, who was Norwegian. Lillian was the daughter of John E. Lancaster, who was Canadian, and of Bertha E. Pennie/Penny, whose father was Dutch; all of John’s grandparents were English immigrants.

Justin’s maternal grandmother was named Geraldine V. Langford.

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