Judy Collins

Collins in 2017, photo by vonora/bigstock.com

Birth Name: Judith Marjorie Collins

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 1, 1939

Ethnicity: English, with smaller degrees of Scottish, Irish, German, Swiss-German, Dutch, Manx, remote French

Judy Collins is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and social activist. She is considered one of the best folk artists of her time.

Judy is the daughter of Marjorie Lorraine and Charles Thomas “Chuck” Collins, who was a blind singer, pianist, and radio show host. She has deep lines in the U.S. Most of her ancestry is English, with smaller amounts of Scottish, Irish, German, Swiss-German, Dutch, and Manx, and remote French. Judy spent her teen years in Denver, Colorado.

Judy is married to designer Louis Nelson. She has a son with her former husband Peter Taylor.

Judy’s paternal grandfather was Frank Wilfred Collins (the son of Thomas Oliver Collins and Amelda/Melda Johnson). Frank was born in Iowa. Thomas was born in Iowa, the son of James H. Collins, from Virginia, and of Margaret Ann Long, from Tennessee. Amelda was the daughter of Cornelius E. Johnson and Elizabeth Nancy Laughlin, who were from Ohio.

Judy’s paternal grandmother was Ethel Marion Booth (the daughter of Charles William Booth and Laura Ann Peterson). Ethel was born in Washington. Charles was the son of John Booth, who was English, and of Marion Todd, who was born in Canada, to Scottish parents. Laura was the daughter of Martin Bowers Peterson and Margaret Ann Bowers, who were from Indiana.

Judy’s maternal grandfather was John Oscar Byrd (the son of John Hamilton Byrd and Mary Ann Ballard). Judy’s grandfather John was born in Tennessee. Judy’s great-grandfather John was the son of Col. Joseph Byrd and Anna Pride. Mary Ann was the daughter of John Eblen Ballard and Elizabeth E. Robinson.

Judy’s maternal grandmother was Agnes May Cope (the daughter of Morris Cope and Mary Ada Brown). Agnes was born in Ohio. Morris was the son of George Cope, from Virginia, and of Julie Ann/Guliann Townsend, from Ohio. Mary was the daughter of Hezekiah Brown and Amanda M. Smith, who were from Ohio.

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