Jordan Farmar

07/09/2009 – Farmar – Celebrates “The World Series of Poker” at RAIN Nightclub in Las Vegas on July 9, 2009 – RAIN Nightclub at the Palms Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV, USA – Keywords: – 0 – – Photo Credit: PRN / PR Photos

Birth Name: Jordan Robert Farmar

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 30, 1986

*African-American (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Jordan Farmar is an American professional basketball player. He has played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles D-Fenders, New Jersey Nets, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Anadolu Efes, Los Angeles Clippers, Darüşşafaka, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA). With the Lakers, he won two NBA championships in 2009 and 2010. He was Los Angeles Times High School Player of the Year in 2003–04. He obtained Israeli citizenship while playing with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Jordan is the son of Melinda and Damon Farmar, a minor league baseball outfielder. His father is African-American. His mother is Ashkenazi Jewish. His stepfather is Israeli. Jordan was raised Jewish.

Jordan is married to soccer player/defender Jill Oakes.

Jordan’s maternal grandfather was Dr. Howard Baker. Howard worked at the UCLA Medical Center as a neurologist.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. steven says:

    ethnic, why don’t you choose better pictures where we can see the Celebs properly instead of distant pictures or just videos?

  2. Wrong! says:

    Damn, he looks str8 white.

  3. John 8:32 says:

    Wow! “The original Jews were black and from Africa!” Then on the other hand maybe he’s talking about he’s half European Jew. Oh well then again there’s another problem here…being a Jew represents a religion not a separate race of people.

    John 8:32

    • Czarkazem13 says:

      Actually, the Jews were a algamated group (still are) and while they were darker then the Ashkenazi of today (and with African genes) it is not a fact – or a complete simplification – to label them as “African”. Ancient Jewish writings show how they considered themselves different from black Africans.

      And yes, Farmar’s mother is Ashkenazi (stepdad is an Israeli Jew). While Judaism is the religion, the Jewish people are an ethnicity. This is a simplified explanation, but I hope you get the gist.

      • fuzzybear44 says:


        Did they actually use the word(black African),or did they say something else?Also it’s not unusual for similar looking groups,who have their own culture,to see themselves as different.(Btw I’m not arguing whether Hebrews were black or not,I’m just simply making a statement).Japanese and Chinese are similar,yet different,and see themselves as such.Germans are different from french,but don’t you all see yourselves as white?(at least that’s what the people on here keep saying).

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