Johnny Mize

Birth Name: John Robert Mize

Date of Birth: January 7, 1913

Place of Birth: Demorest, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Death: June 2, 1993

Place of Death: Demorest, Georgia, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German

Johnny Mize was an American professional baseball player, coach, and scout, in Major League Baseball. He was a first baseman. He was nicknamed “Big Jawn” and “The Big Cat.”

Johnny was the son of Emma and William Edward Mize.

He was said to have been a distant cousin of professional baseball player Ty Cobb.

Johnny’s paternal grandfather was Francis Mize (the son of William Mitchell Mize and Mary C. Ratliff). William was the son of Williamson Sterling Mize and Mary Rich.

Johnny’s paternal grandmother was named Emma Elizabeth Riley/Rylee (the daughter of William H. Rylee and Martha Emma).

Johnny’s maternal grandfather was John Henry Loudermilk (the son of William Cannon Loudermilk and Matilda Ann Landers).

Johnny’s maternal grandmother was Sarah Adina Brown (the daughter of Benjamin Pollard Brown and Elizabeth Caroline Hulsey).

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