Jimmy Deshler

Deshler in 2015, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: James Donovan Deshler

Place of Birth: Ramsey, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: November 30, 1994

Ethnicity: Swedish (one eighth), German, Irish, French-Canadian, English

Jimmy Deshler is an American actor.

Jimmy’s paternal grandfather is James Edward Deshler (the son of Frank Joseph Deshler and Mary Treasa Grealish). Frank was born in Germany. Mary was born in Minnesota, to Irish parents, James Grealish/Gralish and Nora Joyce, who were from Rosmuc, County Galway.

Jimmy’s paternal grandmother is Deborah Elin Ahlberg (the daughter of Clarence Ben Ahlberg and Emma Marie Trout/Traut). Deborah was born in Minnesota. Clarence was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, Gustaf E. Ahlberg and Elin. Emma was born in Minnesota, to parents from Russia, Alex Trout and Emma Martin, who were ethnic Germans.

Jimmy’s maternal grandfather is John Bernard “Jack” DeMarre (the son of Leo James “Jim” DeMarre/DeMarr and Virginia Arleen Nutt). John was born in Minnesota. Leo was born in Minnesota, the son of William Abraham DeMarre/DeMarr and Edith LeClaire, whose parents were French-Canadian. Virginia was born in Iowa, the daughter of Maynard Oscar Nutt and Alice Jessie Finch.

Jimmy’s maternal grandmother is named Nancy Kathleen Perkins.

Source: Obituary of Jimmy’s maternal grandfather, John Bernard “Jack” DeMarre – http://www.legacy.com

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