Jerry Kramer

Birth Name: Gerald Louis Kramer

Place of Birth: Jordan, Montana, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 23, 1936

Ethnicity: Irish, German, English, Welsh

Jerry Kramer is an American professional football player, author, and sports commentator. He was an offensive linesman. Jerry is the son of Myrtle and Charles Kramer. He was raised partly in Utah, and Sandpoint, Idaho. He has six children, including Jordan Kramer, who has also played professional football.

Jerry’s paternal grandfather was Frank Henry Kramer (the son of Franz Henrich Kramer and Mary Ellen Hendricks). Franz was born in Germany, the son of Herman Henry Kramer. Mary Ellen was born in New York, the daughter of Patrick Hendricks, and of an Irish mother, Ellen Donahue.

Jerry’s paternal grandmother was Cornelia Nellie V. Lindemann (the daughter of Adolph W. Lindemann and Kezia G. Collins). Adolph was born in Germany, the son of Johann Frederick Lindemann and Christine Henrietta Probst. Kezia was born in Iowa, the daughter of William Collins and Keziah Hogan.

Jerry’s maternal grandfather was Thomas Marion Rainey (the son of John Thomas Rainey and Lucinda Jane Benton). John was born in Indiana, the son of Robinson Reuben Rainey, and of an English mother, Rebecca Butcher. Lucinda was the daughter of Isaac B. Benton and Dianna Jenkins.

Jerry’s maternal grandmother was Eron Marie Hicks (the daughter of Richard New Hicks and Lucy Ellanora London).

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