Jean-Marc Barr

Place of Birth: Bitburg, West Germany

Date of Birth: September 27, 1960

*Irish, English, German, Dutch (father)
*French (mother)

Jean-Marc Barr is a French-American actor and director. He was born in Bitburg, West Germany, to a French mother, Madeleine M., and an American father, Harold Eugene Barr.

Jean-Marc’s paternal grandfather was Hugh Maxwell Barr (the son of Daniel James Barr and Elzarah Francis Genther). Daniel was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents, James Barr and Susan Bayle. Elzarah was the daughter of John G. Genther, who was German, and Abigail Pillars.

Jean-Marc’s paternal grandmother was Della Jane Newkirk (the daughter of John Everett Newkirk and Louella Jane Flora). John was the son of Benjamin Newkirk and Elizabeth H. Newman. Louella was the daughter of John Wiggins Flora and Isabella Jane Herndon.

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