Jamie McShane

McShane in 2018, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Jamie Nelson Simon

Place of Birth: Saddle River, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 22, 1966

Ethnicity: Irish, Dutch, German, English

Jamie McShane is an American actor. He has also sometimes been credited as Jamie Nelson Simon, and is known for his roles on Sons of Anarchy, Southland, and Bloodline.

Jamie’s paternal grandfather was Chester Nelson Simon (the son of John Simon and Mary Louise Ackerson). Chester was born in New York. John was born in England. Mary was born in New Jersey, the daughter of James H. Ackerson and Ann/Anna Rachel Haring, and was of at least part Dutch descent.

Jamie’s paternal grandmother was Madge Viola/F. Clarke (the daughter of James Welles Elliott Clarke and Clara Bywater). Madge was born in New York. Jamie’s great-grandfather James was born in England, the son of James Clarke and Mary Ann Thomas. Clara was born in England, the daughter of Owen Griffin Bywater and Emma Negus.

Jamie’s maternal grandfather was Edwin Greer Noonburg (the son of Isaac Noonburg and Louisa Greer/Grear). Edwin was born in New Jersey. Isaac was born in New Jersey, to Dutch parents, William Noonburg and Margaret/Margeret Hartley. Louisa was born in California, the daughter of John Greer/Grear, whose parents were Irish, and of Mary, whose parents were English and German.

Jamie’s maternal grandmother was named Monica Kelly/Kelley (the daughter of Charles Kelly/Kelley). Monica was born in New Jersey, to Irish parents.

Source: Obituary of Jamie’s maternal grandmother, Monica (Kelly/Kelley) Noonburg – http://www.legacy.com

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