Jake Tapper

Tapper in 2016, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Jacob Paul Tapper

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 12, 1969

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – Northern Irish, Scottish, English, German, Dutch, possibly French [converted to Judaism]

Jake Tapper is an American journalist, author, and cartoonist. He has hosted the show The Lead with Jake Tapper, since 2013, and been a host of the show State of the Union, since 2015. He works for CNN.

Jake’s father, from Chicago, is from a Jewish family, of Polish Jewish, Russian Jewish, Lithuanian Jewish, and Latvian Jewish descent. Jake’s mother, from Canada, has Ulster-Scots/Northern Irish, Scottish, English, German, Dutch, and possibly French, ancestry. Jake’s mother is from a Presbyterian family, and converted to Judaism, in the Conservative denomination. Jake was raised Jewish, and attended a Jewish high school. Jake is married to Jennifer Marie Brown, with whom he has two children. Jennifer is a convert to Judaism.

Jake’s paternal grandfather was Abraham O. “Abe” Tapper (the son of Samuel Yeshia “Sam” Tapper and Pauline/Pauli Chertow). Abraham was born in Illinois, to Jewish emigrants, a father from Poland and a mother from Russia. Sam was the son of Avram Tapper. Pauli was the daughter of Avram Ber Chertow and Chaya Sara Trager.

Jake’s paternal grandmother was Janet Scher (the daughter of Julius Scher and Devora “Dora” Kahn). Janet was born in Illinois, to Jewish emigrants, a father from Žagarė, Joniškis, Lithuania, and a mother from Latvia. Julius was the son of Yakov Scher. Devora was the daughter of Nathan Kahn and Baila Jedeiken.

Jake’s maternal grandfather was Everett Dyson Palmatier (the son of Reo Everett Palmatier and Tryphena May Esther Dyson). Jake’s grandfather Everett was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Reo was the son of Johnson Park Palmatier and Delilah Victoria Huff. Tryphena was the daughter of David John Dyson, whose mother was born in Ireland, and of Wilhemina Esther Kirk.

Jake’s maternal grandmother was Helen Elizabeth McDowell (the daughter of James Alexander McDowell and Ida Elizabeth McKivor). Helen was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. James was born in Straid, Antrim, Northern Ireland, the son of Aughtery McDowell and Priscilla Craig, and had Northern Irish and Scottish ancestry. Ida was born in Balmoral, Manitoba, Canada, the daughter of Edward McKivor and Elizabeth Morrison, and was of Ulster-Scots/Northern Irish descent.

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