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  1. Manila says:

    Who is willing to submit Alexander Schallenberg, the incumbent Chancellor of Austria? He has noble ancestry.

  2. Mr. Postman says:

    I submitted Shyne. It has not been posted but other submissions I’ve made afterwards have been posted .Just wondering if I did something wrong with my Shyne submission so I know better for the future.

  3. Dar says:

    Hey guys I’m Sooo sorry to keep dwelling on this and I know I must be getting very annoying but, shouldn’t Steve Oedekerk be considered part Afrikaner. Yes, His paternal grandfather’s family were recent Dutch immigrants to South Africa, but he should still be considered Afrikaner. Yes many Afrikaners are descended from early Dutch as well as German and French Huguenot settlers and immigrants to South Africa, but it doesn’t really matter, he is still has Dutch ancestry from South Africa. And seriously, I was looking through some of the Afrikaner archives and I saw a couple of Afrikaners whose Ancestry was even more recent than Steve’s, for example Caron Bernstein who is half Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal) and Half Afrikaner (maternal) and both her maternal grandparents were both Dutch immigrants. So yes, you should add Afrikaner to Steve Oedekerk.

  4. andrew says:

    Is someone able to find anything about singer Maria McKee’s family? Thank you.

  5. mycarf123123 says:

    Could you please edit that misleaing floating left box’s header
    from ‘Race Related Discussion’
    to ‘Ethnicity Related Discussion’.

    One is a fake term (race = white/black/yellow/brown), and the second one is backed up by science (ethnicity = genes, dna, etc).


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