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Please leave some suggestions below on how this site could be improved. Any ideas/criticisms are welcome.

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  1. albert8 says:

    Hello, I have a question! I’m new here, and I have submitted Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd. I think I have written it well, with 90% of Syd’s documented ancestors. So why isn’t it published? Thanks in advance.

  2. Dar says:

    Question – What is the longest time a article will be published? The reason I ask is because I have written three articles since David Paterson and the haven’t been published.

  3. jackson9 says:

    two big favors 1. Charlie Kirk. I think he is a celeb? 2. and more important on my list please bring back the similar celeb ethnicity plugin? Thanks ethnic hope we are still friends.

  4. jackson9 says:

    Quit deleting my entries that were already published.

  5. comrade says:

    Why did you get rid of that big alphabetical list of celebs? It was useful. Also I submitted Pana Hema Taylor’s profile.

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