Hassie Harrison

Harrison in 2019, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Hassie Elizabeth Harrison

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 20, 1989

Ethnicity: English, Irish, Cornish, 1/16th Flemish Belgian, distant French

Hassie Harrison is an American actress. Her roles include the shows Tacoma FD and Yellowstone and the film The Iron Orchard.

Hassie’s paternal grandfather was Frank Walls Harrison (the son of Frank Walls Harrison and Beulah Loretta Pascoe). Hassie’s grandfather Frank was born in Indiana. Hassie’s great-grandfather Frank was born in Michigan, the son of John Vincent Harrison, whose parents were English, and of Blanche Winnen/Whinnen, whose parents were from Cornwall, England. Beulah was born in Michigan, the daughter of Peter W. Pascoe, whose parents were also from Cornwall, and of Octavia Joanna Maria Braeckmans, who was born in Walem, Antwerpen, Belgium.

Hassie’s paternal grandmother was named Elizabeth Anne Woods.

Hassie’s maternal grandfather was Loyd Bowmer Sands (the son of Will Sands and Ora Cayce). Loyd was born in Texas. Will was born in Texas. Ora was born in Texas, the daughter of George London Cayce and Annie Elizabeth Alexander.

Hassie’s maternal grandmother was American heiress, hotelier, and philantropist Caroline Rose Hunt (the daughter of Haroldson Lafayette Hunt and Lyda Bunker). Caroline was once the wealthiest woman in the United Stated. She was born in Arkansas. Hassie’s great-grandfather Haroldson was born in Illinois, the son of Haroldson Lafayette Hunt and Ella Rose Myers. Lyda was born in Arkansas, the daughter of Nelson Waldo Bunker and Sarah Rebecca Hunicutt.

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    Pascoe is a Cornish surname

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