Hannah John-Kamen

John-Kamen in 2015, photo by DFree/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Hannah Dominique E. John-Kamen

Place of Birth: Beverley, Yorkshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 6 September, 1989

*Nigerian (father)
*Norwegian (mother)

Hannah John-Kamen is a British actress. She has had leading roles in the films Ant-Man and the Wasp, SAS: Red Notice, and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Hannah was born in Beverley, Yorkshire, England, the daughter of Astri (Hansen), a fashion model, and Johnny John-Kamen, a forensic psychologist. Her father is Nigerian. Her mother is Norwegian.

Source: http://www.interviewmagazine.com

11 Responses

  1. liathecrazyflower says:

    Cute mixed

  2. Akwaba says:

    She has the same background as Richard Ayoade !

  3. bablah says:

    Tag as Igbo.

  4. midori29 says:

    Very pretty woman, that’s actually attractive and not promoted because she is biracial. She is probably one of the better looking biracials on this site.
    Her two different ethnicities blended well and she actually looks like what she is. She is a good actress, and was in the movie Ant Man and the Wasp. Very good movie. As far as British Actresses of color or half black British Actresses she must have actress ,Thandie Newton shaking in her boots. She is up there with Halle Berry

    • liathecrazyflower says:

      She’s like mariah, white, but mestiza with other thing like 50 porcent, but what do you mean with birracial, yeah, birracial are fine, if don’t need show this, good for her

  5. stlucas says:

    Mother’s maiden name is Hansen.

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