Golda Meir

Birth Name: Golda Mabovitch

Date of Birth: May 3, 1898

Place of Birth: Kiev, Russian Empire (now Ukraine)

Date of Death: December 8, 1978

Place of Death: Jerusalem, Israel

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Golda Meir was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, stateswoman, and politician. She served as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, from March 17, 1969 to June 3, 1974. She was also Ambassador to the Soviet Union, from 1948 to March 10, 1949, Minister of Labour, from March 10, 1949 to June 19, 1956, Minister of Foreign Affairs, from June 18, 1956 to January 12, 1966, and Minister of Internal Affairs, from July 16, 1970 to September 1, 1970.

Prime Minister Meir was born in Kiev, the daughter of Bluma (Neiditch) and Moshe Itzhak Mabovitch, a carpenter. Her parents were born in Pinsk, Belarus. Her family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S., in the late 1900s, where they ran a grocery store.

Prime Minister Meir was married to Morris Meyerson, until his death. The couple had two children. Golda and Morris moved to Israel after marrying in 1917.

Prime Minister Meir’s paternal grandfather was named Meir-Selig Mabovitch.

Prime Minister Meir’s paternal grandmother was named Tzipi.

Prime Minister Meir’s maternal grandfather was named Menachem Naidich (the son of Golda).

Prime Minister Meir’s maternal grandmother was named Pessia-Feigel.

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