Gil Hodges

Birth Name: Gilbert Ray Hodge

Date of Birth: April 4, 1924

Place of Birth: Princeton, Indiana, U.S.

Date of Death: April 2, 1972

Place of Death: West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, German, Irish, some Scottish

Gil Hodges was an American professional baseball player. He was a Major League Baseball (MLB) first baseman and manager. He spent most of his playing career with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers. Gil was the manager of the 1969 Mets when the team won their first franchise World Series.

Gil was the son of Irene Katherine and Charles Piram Hodges. He was married to Joan Lombardi, until his death, with whom he had four children.

Gil’s paternal grandfather was Charles D. Hodges (the son of David Worstell Hodges and Matilda N. Wines/Wine). Gil’s great-grandfather David was born in Indiana, the son of James Mortimer Hodges and Rachel/Rachael Laycock.

Gil’s paternal grandmother was named Mary E. Manns (the daughter of Mary Manus/Manns). Gil’s grandmother Mary was born in Indiana.

Gil’s maternal grandfather was Arnold William Horstmeyer (the son of John Christian Horstmeyer and Mary Neighbor). Arnold was born in Indiana. Mary was born in Indiana, to German parents, William Neighbor and Jakobina Schieber.

Gil’s maternal grandmother was Ellen Stinson (the daughter of Bartholomew/Bartley Stinson and Bridget Connolly/Connelly). Ellen’s parents were Irish. Bartley was from County Sligo. Bridget was the daughter of Roger Connolly and Mary Haney, who were from Galway.

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