Gavin MacIntosh

MacIntosh in 2015, photo by

Place of Birth: Tucson, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 22, 1999

Ethnicity: Scottish, English, Irish, German, one eighth Portuguese [including Azorean]

Gavin MacIntosh is an American actor and model. He has appeared in the film American Fable and on the shows The Fosters and Bones.

He was raised mostly in Hermosa Beach, California.

Gavin’s paternal grandfather is named Douglas Leland MacIntosh.

Gavin’s paternal grandmother is named Sheila Ann Mason.

Gavin’s maternal grandfather is Michael Frederick Powers (the son of George F. Powers and Katherine Fortney). Michael was born in California. George was born in New Mexico, the son of George Frederick Powers, who was Irish, and of Anna May Horn, whose father was German. Katherine was born in California, the daughter of Merrill J. Fortney, whose father was Irish, and of Mabel/Maybell Helen Wycoff, who was born in Kansas.

Gavin’s maternal grandmother is Nettie Barbara Gill (the daughter of John Arthur Gill and Angela/Angelina “Angie” Cabral). Nettie was born in California. John was born in New Mexico, to parents from England. Angela was born in Hawaii, the daughter of Ernest August Cabral, who was born in the Azores, Portugal, and of Mary Louise Jesus, who was also Portuguese, and possibly from the Madeira Islands.

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