Giancarlo Esposito

"Cairo Time" New York City Special Screening - Arrivals

Esposito in 2010, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito

Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of Birth: April 26, 1958

*Italian (father)
*African-American (mother)

Giancarlo Esposito is an American actor.

Giancarlo was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to an Italian father, Giovanni Esposito, and an African-American mother, Elizabeth Foster. His father, a stage carpenter, was from Naples. His mother, an opera and nightclub singer, was from Alabama. Giancarlo’s parents met while his mother was performing in a tour of Porgy and Bess in Naples. His family moved to Manhattan, New York, when he was six.

Giancarlo has four children. He was previously married to Joy McManigal.

32 Responses

  1. boxingandmmaguy says:

    clearly mixed

  2. Multiethnicchick says:

    He’s obviously mixed. Anyone who thought he was just black is stupid and unqualified to talk about race, much less decide what phenotypical category someone fits in

    • midori29 says:

      @multiethnic Please stop kidding yourself this man is NOT obviously mixed. He looks like the typical black Carribean or African American men. He does not loom like the standard half white mixture.

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        Agreed, had no idea he was a mulatto

        • andrew says:

          since many African-Americans actually look mulatto, Giancarlo to the untrained eye could look normal AA. But if you check his features, expecially from the side, it’s evident that he’s mixed.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote(Giancarlo to the untrained eye could look normal AA)

            The untrained eye, HA HA you must mean yourself. You know I have far more experience with mixed-blooded people than you do.

            Quote(But if you check his features, expecially from the side, it’s evident that he’s mixed)

            You just stated yourself, that many AA’s look like mulattoes . There’s nothing usual about his features, both fgm, and MGM’s have those features or phenotype.

      • Multiethnicchick says:

        Well clearly have no idea what black people actually look like. Look him up in google. His hair texture, skull shape, and facial features all indicate admixture. Definitely more than Carribeans and black Americans. I am half Carribean and mixed myself, not as much as this guy, but am still referred to as yellow because my Carribean side is black, the black people you don’t see in the media because you’re brainwashed to believe that full black people look like halle berry and the only mixed people are exotic looking white people.

      • zana says:

        You believe Italians who fit in 100% to the Caucasian phenotype have negroid in them . But East Africans who look obv not fully black aren’t mixed and that’s a myth . I smell an Afro cenrist .

    • midori29 says:

      @maestro not even that because there are black Africans with the same nose and hair.

      • Multiethnicchick says:

        no there aren’t unless you’re talking about the East Africans who clearly have Caucasian influence and have a history of Jewish and Arab influence

        • midori29 says:

          @Multiethnic I am not one that believes the lies that every East African is part Arab. False. Many are 100 percent African and look the way they do because the climate all over Africa is different and blacks are not the same color. Additionally there are many West Africans with the same looks. Also Arab like hispanic is NOT a race. There are millions of BLACK arabs.

          • zana says:

            You believe Italians who fit into the Caucasian euro type 100% have negroid in them ?? But East Africans who look like a darker Yemeni are 100% black . And them being mixed isn’t a myth . I smell an Afro centrist .

          • zana says:

            If you think Italians aren’t 100% white the same even more would apply to East Africans buddy .

    • Andreus27 says:

      Nah. Giancarlo’s features scream mixed to me. He doesn’t have any specific white or black features. His hair could be applied to a “white” person, and so could his nose. But his hair could also be applied to a “black” person, and so could his nose. My point; his features would make sense being placed on a person of fully European descent, as much as it would make sense on a person of fully African descent.

      Giancarlo’s skin color isn’t unusually dark either. The reason as to why he may look fully African in skin complexion in certain pictures is primarily due to tanning. Naturally, Giancarlo is “lightskin”. And lightskins tend to become very dark when tanning, for relatively obvious reasons.

      If this guy were to take a DNA test, then I’m almost certain that the result would be close to 50/50 Sub-Saharan African and European, with possibly slightly, but insignificantly, more Sub-Saharan African percentage. Something close to Barack Obama’s DNA test results.

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