Frank Gifford

Birth Name: Frank Newton Gifford

Date of Birth: August 16, 1930

Place of Birth: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Death: August 9, 2015

Place of Death: Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, some Irish and German

Frank Gifford was an American football player, actor, and television sports commentator. He played twelve seasons as a halfback and flanker for the New York Giants in the National Football League (NFL).

Frank was the son of Lola Mae (Hawkins) and Weldon Waine/Wayne Gifford, an oil driller. He was married to television personality, comedian, actress, singer, and songwriter Kathie Lee Gifford, until his death. He had three children with his former wife, USC homecoming queen Maxine Avis Ewart; and two children, including actress Cassidy Gifford, with Kathie Lee. His daughter with his first wife, Victoria, was married to lawyer, businessperson, and political activist Michael LeMoyne Kennedy, until his death, and the couple had three children; Michael was the son of politician Robert F. Kennedy.

Gifford’s paternal grandfather was Carl John Gifford (the son of Henry Newton Gifford and Rachael/Rachel Hunt). Carl was born in California. Henry was born in Elgin, Kane, Illinois, the son of Asa Gifford and Marietta Clark. Rachel was born in Missouri, the daughter of John Hunt and Julia Ann Mylar.

Gifford’s paternal grandmother was Florence Bell/Belle Hardenbrook (the daughter of Hannibal/Hanibal Hardenbrook and Margaret Cook/Taylor). Florence was born in Missouri. Hanibal was born in Knox County, Ohio, the son of Francis Hardenbrook and Nancy Kelly.

Frank’s maternal grandfather was Joseph H. Hawkins (the son of Greenville T. Hawkins and Mary Ann Green). Greenville was born in Tennessee, the son of Benjamin Franklin Hawkins and Lucinda U. Vest. Mary Ann was born in North Carolina, the daughter of Thomas William Green and Mary Polly Turner.

Frank’s maternal grandmother was Nola Needham (the daughter of Lewis Marion Needham and Mary Ann Green). Lewis was born in Iowa, the son of John Wesley Needham and Elizabeth Mealman. Mary Ann was born in Lee County, Iowa, the daughter of James Younger Green and Elizabeth Hensen.

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