Fabolous in 2011, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: John David Jackson

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 18, 1977

Ethnicity: African-Dominican Republic, African-American

Fabolous is an American rapper and hip hop recording artist. He is also known as Fabolous Sport and Loso.

73 percent of the population of the Dominican Republic is of mixed race, primarily a mix of black and white.

Fabolous has three children with his partner Emily Bustamante.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. MarjorieM says:

    So many people here a ignorant if ya dont know shit about us dominican stop talking about us stop hatin I am proud to be Dominican and people that dont like us deal with it

  2. Never know he was from the dr.

    • Yet7 says:

      You guys are making a big deal for nothing. Dominican do not embrace Spaniards as you make it seem. You’re just asumming stuff you read in the internet. You all don’t even know what you’re talking about. Liars!

  3. ana says:

    @Hola mari sanchez no se porque los dominicanos aman mucho los spanoles.I don’t understand why dominicans love their spanisch blood i am from spain multiracial my grandpa is spaniard of german ancestry but i don’t worship spaniards.I met a dominican girl in spain there alots of dominicans over ther she told me she was taino and spanish but this bitch look mulatta she looked half black and white and she is not very light she ignored her african roots .Yes i don’t like the one drop makes you black rule in america by the way i am also part latina i am everything , but claiming and worshiping spanish blood when spaniards are racist that is self hatred, i am from there so i know what i am talking about not all spaniards are racist but many don’t like latinos a dominican women was killed by a spanish police men because he was racist .I don’t understand why hate the africans and love the spaniards who hate being mistaken for a latino ?

    • Yet7 says:

      nosotros no amamos a ningunos espanoles ni lo idolatreamos, mentirosa, el dominicano promedio tampoco se la pasa mencionando su mitad espanola como tu estas queriendo decir. el dominicano se identifica con su nacionalidad y punto. ademas, a diferencia de los afroamericanos y otros afro-descendientes nosotros no obtuvimos nuestro componente europeo by rape y tenemos suficiente herencia europea para reclamarla. ehay dominicanos que son blancos, hay otros que lucen quadroons y muchos tambien lucen triraciales y hasta mestizos. entonces, cual es el problema que tienen ustedes con que nosotros rezconozcamos nuestra otra parte? porque tengo yo que adorar nada mas mi parte africana y negar las otras? que acaso no es la misma clase de denial? recua de hipocritas es lo que ustede son!

  4. kyle says:

    Hello I am half mexican and half black I list my self as hispanic not afro latin is no such thing as black hispanics we are all one community yall are thinking as in filling out government forms black hispanic white hispanic you are supposed to go by your fathers race so Fabolous is Hispanic He is just as hispanic as Don Omar Daddy yankee, jim jones, and juelz santana

    • Amber Berg says:

      NOT- He is American he was born in America- raised in African American communities he is black- idiot!

      • BoricuaMorenaaa says:

        Just because he was raised in the “African American” community it doesnt magically make his other side go away dumb ass,,he is still HALF DOMINICAN ! I am half African American & half Puerto Rican. I was raised by my mom in the African community but im still half PR & fucking proud of it soo rep yo shyt Fab and be proud of yur heritage :) & just for the record all Dominicans do not have dark skin…most dominicans i know r light skinned & also my papi lived there for awhile & he said there r many different shades so if you dont know what yur talking about dont fuckin talk !

  5. Yet7 says:

    I see some jealous AA inventing stories about dark Dominicans… Most Dominicans aren’t dark. Just take a walk in any Dominican neighborhood and see by yourself.

    • Amber Berg says:

      How are we jealous when African Americans and majority of Dominicans have African blood- we both have African blood so what is the problem- African Americans are just as mixed as Dominicans dont think you are better. You come from a country full of black people- however African Americans dont- our country is full of white people and other races so I think we can claim multicultural as well buddy- Im your black sister okay black brother- lol now dont kill yourself

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