Fabolous in 2011, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: John David Jackson

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 18, 1977

Ethnicity: African-Dominican Republic, African-American

Fabolous is an American rapper and hip hop recording artist. He is also known as Fabolous Sport and Loso.

73 percent of the population of the Dominican Republic is of mixed race, primarily a mix of black and white.

Fabolous has three children with his partner Emily Bustamante.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Jello says:

    Dominicans are all of mixed races, even the lightest or the darkest ones. A person of Dominican descent identifies themselves as Dominican if they grow up in that culture.

  2. Antonio007 says:

    LOOK!! clearly Dominicans are of mix race.. white, black and tainos for the most part. What people find it hard to understand is that a Dominican can look black as black can get, white as paper or in between colors(mulato). Dominicans educate and understand their ancestry of Spaniard, African American or Taino culture but dont identify themself with a specific one(for the most pat). Dominican is a culture or a life style that you would only understand if you have experienced being with Dominicans.Is just like if you was Jamaican which is a different culture yet there are still Dominicans that look Jamaicans. My point is that racism is everywhere, that i cant deny but in DR you have families with in them of all of color shade that get along sooooo wellll that you wont believe it. CULTURE COMES FIRST. Fabulous is half Dominican but he identify himself more towards his AA culture and theres nothing wrong with that. Thats the culture he was accustomed so why force his Dominican side to come out. Go try to be part of a different culture, language see how you gonna like it. but heyy you never know.

  3. grace says:

    wassup with you people starting a fight or getting mad on biracial celebrities. So what, he’s dominican and african-american. He’s multi-racial. Big deal, all that matters is that he’s a great rapper and that’s it.
    I’m dominican 100% and born here in miami livin in allapatah. he’s still just as dominican as i am. I mean fur real, read the comments on nicki minaj’s page. stop gettin pissed when you find out someone’s multiracial. Seriously that’s why this web site exsists to share all our ethnicities.

  4. The Naija says:

    I’m Nigerian (100%) and um I think this whole discussion is pretty silly. Dominicans (or anyone) can claim whatever they want to. It’s their prerogative and more to the point, who really cares? I don’t know why AAs would get caught up with this. Nigerians are busy being Nigerian (and of course proud of it). Anyone who wants to recognize the cultural contributions of Africa to the reaches of the earth can join in. Others can wallow blindly.

    Objectively, generally speaking AAs are of some mixed ancestry as are Dominicans. Differences in complexion is a matter of degree and only relevant if you think light/white skin is a holy grail. Different folks, different strokes. Your concern. Cultural differences are there because of environment, none better or worse, but in America much of this can be muted. They both are of significant African ancestry.

    Really, both (and others too) communities need to get about the business of moving forward with progress and stop worrying about nonsense while you got poverty and crime and chicks going to other countries as prostitutes. It’s all a inferiority complex.

    mari sanchez – you make a good point, you gotta realize you don’t speak for every dominican some of who may have racial issues.

    Jay – your misguided on a lot of fronts

    Amber – thou doth protest too much

  5. j,j says:

    im dominican 100% coño k vivia duarte sanchez y mella k se jode we run this shiet estamos controlando …

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