Erik Stocklin

Birth Name: Erik Flynn Stocklin

Place of Birth: Freehold Township, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 24, 1982

Ethnicity: Irish, English, Northern Irish, German, distant Polish and French

Erik Stocklin is an American actor and composer.

Erik is the son of Anita Kay/Koy (Smith) and Brian Flynn Stocklin.

Erik’s paternal grandmother was Alma Katherine Sheehan (the daughter of Stephen Sullivan Sheehan and Theresa C. Flynn). Stephen was the son of Timothy Sheehan, who was Irish, and of Ellen F., whose parents were Irish.

Erik’s maternal grandfather was Blanchard Drake Smith, Jr. (the son of Blanchard Drake Smith, Sr. and Anita Eva Koy). Blanchard was the son of Euler Beaufort Smith and Blanche Drake. Anita was the daughter of Anthony/Anton John Koy, who was born in Kadlub, Prussia (now Poland), and Elise Brune/Bruner, whose parents were from Germany.

Erik’s maternal grandmother was Mary Seabrook (the daughter of Edward Marion Seabrook, Jr. and Sarah Dougherty Mell). Erik’s great-grandfather Edward was the son of Edward Marion Seabrook, Sr. and Sophie Lee Houston. Sarah was the daughter of Charles Irwin Mell and Mary Bones Dougherty, whose father was from Northern Ireland.

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