Eric Christian Olsen

Beerfest Los Angeles Premiere

Olsen in 2006, photo by PrPhotos

Place of Birth: Eugene, Oregon, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 31, 1977

Ethnicity: Norwegian

Eric Christian Olsen is an American actor. He has stated that he is of “100% Norwegian” descent.

Eric is the son of Jeanne, a non-denominational chaplain, and Paul V. Olsen, a college professor and coach. Eric is married to actress and model Sarah Wright Olsen, with whom he has three children. Eric’s brother is stuntperson David Paul Olsen; David is married to actress Daniela Ruah.

Eric’s maternal grandfather was Curtis Jerome Donstad (the son of Joseph Andreas/Andrew Donstad and Caroline Louise Bailey). Curtis was born in Wisconsin. Joseph was born in Wisconsin, of Norwegian descent, the son of John Halvor/Halvorsen Donstad and Guro “Julia” Twethen. Caroline was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Anders Anbjornsen/Andrew Bailey/Bale/Baley, who was Norwegian, and of Thura/Julia Nelson, who was of Norwegian descent.

Eric’s maternal grandmother was Thelma Amelia Byom (the daughter of Albert Byom and Johanna/Hannah Jetmundsdatter Sperla/Spierly/Sperley). Thelma was born in Wisconsin. Albert was born in Wisconsin, the son of Norwegian parents, Andreas/Anders/Andrew Martin Pedersen/Pederson/Peterson/Byom, from Søndre Land, Oppland, and Mari/Mary Johansdattter, from Fluberg, Oppland. Johanna was born in Jostedal, Luster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway, the daughter of Gjetmund Larsen Sperla and Anna Andersdatter Espe.

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