Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt

Kitt in 2003, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Eartha Mae Keith/Kitt

Date of Birth: January 17, 1927

Place of Birth: North or St. Matthews, South Carolina, U.S.

Date of Death: December 25, 2008

Place of Death: Weston, Connecticut, U.S.

*African-American (mother)
*likely mostly European (father)

Eartha Kitt was a legendary American singer, actress, dancer, comedian, activist, author, and songwriter. She is known for playing Catwoman on the 1960s series Batman.

Eartha’s mother, Mamie/Annie Mae Kitt, was African-American. Mamie was also said to have Cherokee Native American ancestry, although it is not clear if that is accurate. Eartha’s biological father was said to be white. Eartha stated that she was often made fun of because of her light skin while growing up in the South.

Eartha had a daughter with her former husband, businessperson John William McDonald.

Eartha’s maternal grandfather was named William Keitt (the son of Delia Keitt). Delia was the daughter of Hilliard Keitt and Catherine.

Eartha’s maternal grandmother was named Fanny Riley.

Ertha’s biological father may have been Daniel Richard Sturkie. He is named as such in the book America’s Mistress: The Life and Times of Miss Eartha Kitt, 2013, by John L. Williams. Daniel’s ancestry included Swiss-German, English, German, Scottish, French, and Creek [Muscogee] Native American.

Daniel’s father was Calvin Richard Sturkie (the son of Richard Benjamin Sturkie and Jerusha Jeffcoat). Richard was the son of John Casper/Caspar Sturkie and Martha Ann Rickenbacker. Jerusha was the daughter of The Rev. Elijah Liege Jeffcoat/Jefcoat and Jerushia/Jerusha “Dollie”/Dolly Hoover.

Daniel Sturkie’s mother was Josephine Caroline “Jo” Hutto (the daughter of Daniel Ansel Hutto and Ann Caroline Williams). Daniel’s grandfather Daniel Hutto was the son of Nicholas Hutto and Susanna Grubbs. Ann was the daughter of The Rev. John Elmore Williams and Mary Wolfe.


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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. perez-richart says:

    he father is white she looks mixed.

  2. Mina B says:

    I never thought she was attractive. I think her contemporaries like Dihann Carroll and Dorothy Dandridge were way prettier than she was.

  3. Indiablack says:

    Wow I guess you learn something
    New everyday, I didnt know she
    Was mixed, and I didnt know
    She was deceased,ms.kitt rest in
    Peace, she was such a good woman
    ,she does look like she have a little
    White blood in her, I dont see native
    Amerixan her at all

    But, whatever,everybody isnt mixed
    But I guess being mixed like me
    And others is a blessing,because
    Sharing different beautiful races
    In a person or in mixed family
    Is so amazing,yes you can tell a mixed
    Person,like skin tone,features,hair
    Body,e.t.c I got a mixed multiracially
    Family, with all different features,but
    They all mixed, from pale white,red,yellow
    Tan and light brown skin tones,that’s
    A fact, I love my beautiful family
    Im so blessed from god to be
    Related to such a loving exotic

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