Dora Madison Burge

Dora Madison Burge in 2016, photo by

Birth Name: Dora Madison Burge

Place of Birth: Hutto, Williamson, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 17, 1990

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, remote Swedish, French, Swiss-French, Belgian, and Dutch

Dora Madison Burge, also credited as Dora Madison and Madison Burge, is an American actress. She is known for her roles on the series Friday Night Lights and Chicago Hope, and in the films Cowgirls ‘n Angels, Exists, Everybody Wants Some!!, The Honor Farm, Into the Dark: All That We Destroy, Bliss, VFW, and Christmas Bloody Christmas.

Dora’s paternal grandfather is John Mark Burge, Jr. (the son of John Mark Burge and Dora Elizabeth Newman). Dora’s grandfather John was born in Mississippi. Dora’s great-grandfather John was born in Mississippi, the son of Allen Burge and Helena Eleanor Bilbo. Dora’s great-grandmother Dora Newman was born in Mississippi, the daughter of James Madison Newman and Mahaney S. Stewart.

Dora’s paternal grandmother is Tommie/Tommy Louise Smith (the daughter of Sidney Spence Smith and Katie/Kate Mae Spiers/Spurs). Tommie was born in Mississippi. Sidney was born in Mississippi, the son of Thomas W. A. J. Smith and Laura J. Moody. Katie was born in Mississippi, the daughter of Thomas Richard Spiers/Spurs and Sarah Ellen Mitchell.

Dora’s maternal grandfather was William Bruce/Browne Anthony (the son of James/Jonas Harvey Anthony and Willie J. Elder). Dora’s grandfather William was born in Texas. James was born in New Mexico, the son of James Marvin Anthony/Anthoney and Mattie Alice Amyx. Dora’s great-grandmother Willie was born in Texas, the daughter of J. E. Elder and Susie/Sudie Mae/May Briscoe/Brisco.

Dora’s maternal grandmother is Arleeta/Arlita Sue Millsap (the daughter of John Henry Millsap and Katie/Katy Mease Davidson). Arleeta was born in Texas. John was born in Oklahoma, the son of Joseph Clinton Millsap and Frances Elizabeth Barber. Katie was born in Texas, the daughter of Bradford Alexander Davidson and Sarah Artie/Ardie Meise Coke.

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63 Responses

  1. Lloye says:

    The only way to know if a person is 100 percent is through DNA testing You can’t just say “100 percent European” without that. Also, she wouldn’t look like that if she was 100 percent European. You are what you look like for a reason.

  2. Andrew133 says:

    judging people according to their appearance doesn’t make any sense, genotype doesn’t equal to phenotype, look at this american woman, she looks mixed but she is 100% European

    • Andrew133 says:

      @passingtime85 my bro, I won’t grind my axe or anything of that matter, I know that Scandinavians and eastern europeans have siberian ancestry, and you could easily find many europeans people who have physical characteristics related to east asians, it is not my point at all, my point is this woman her genealogy clearly states that she has just european heritage but her european heritage may be have ancient siberian or north african heritage that is why she looks like that, and you know Bjork, all people think that Bjork looks asian but indeed she is just european but she looks like that because of her ancient siberian ancestry from her scandinavian side

      • Lloye says:

        I hear you and that makes sense. Thanks for explaining.

      • Andrew133 says:

        @passingtime85 my bro, I don’t know why all the time you repeat this stuff again??!, I know that Europeans are mixed they don’t have one look or one phenotype, Russians and finns don’t look like italians and albanians, all Europeans look different from each other, the problem that there are people here who have stereotypes about how Europeans look, and that is why they think that dora is not european despite her clear genealogy

      • Andrew133 says:

        “Europeans are mostly homogenous, large swaths have filtered out most traces of foreign phenotypical traits, but there’s pockets that haven’t. That doesn’t erase the fact there’s clines that represent the majority. You still don’t address principle components.”

        Homogenous phenotypically ??!, if you meen that, sorry, it is not true at all, southern europeans don’t have the same phenotype as some one from Scandinavia or from finland or Russia or eastern europe, not all European have the same kind of nose shape or even skin tone or facial features, there are europeans with high cheekbones, and others with low cheekbones, there are Europeans with very high nasal bridge and others with low nasal bridge etc, but genetically yes, all people indeed share the vast majority of genetic material but phenotypically they are diverse in all kind of shapes

  3. chucky says:

    I think that her Dark ”tone” came from her French Ancestors ( Amyx is probably a Southern French Name) I saw some French Girls who have similarities with her.

  4. andrew says:

    Anthony, Amyx and probably Elder are German lines:

    There is also Scots-Irish. And Belgian and Dutch

  5. coco says:

    She could pass mixed race or Southern European. I find it weird she’s not Southern European at all, but genetics do what they want sometimes.

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