David Paetkau

David Paetkau – CTV 2010 Upfront Party – Thompson Hotel, Toronto – Toronto, Canada – Keywords: Flashpoint – 0 – – Photo Credit: Robin Wong / PR Photos

Birth Name: David E. Paetkau

Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Date of Birth: November 10, 1978

*German, possibly other (father)
*Icelandic (mother)

David Paetkau is a Canadian actor.

David’s father’s surname hails from the Chortitza Colony, now Zaporizhia, Ukraine, a village founded by German-speaking Mennonite settlers from West Prussia. He is married to Evangeline Duy.

David’s maternal grandfather was Oskar Johnson (the son of Jóhannes Jónsson and Ólöf Sigurveig Jónsdóttir). Oskar was born in Manitoba, to Icelandic parents.

David’s maternal grandmother was Olga Thorhildur Eyford (the daughter of Baldrun Jörundsdóttir and Framar Jónsson Eyford). Olga was born in Manitoba, to Icelandic parents.

Sources: Obituary of David’s aunt (mother’s sister) – http://www.inlofna.org

Obituary of David’s maternal grandmother, Olga Thorhildur (Eyford) Johnson – http://www.legacy.com

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