David Johansen

David Johansen

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Birth Name: David Roger Johansen

Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 9, 1950

*Norwegian (father)
*Irish (mother)

David Johansen is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He is the singer of rock band New York Dolls. He is also known as David Jo Hansen and Buster Poindexter.

David’s father, an opera singer and insurance salesman, was of Norwegian descent. David’s mother, Helen, a librarian, has Irish ancestry. He is married to artist Mara Hennessey.

Source: http://www.people.com

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  1. bablah says:

    I think Gunvold Johansen is his father:

    And that his mother is Helen E. Cullen

    I’m not sure though.

  2. bearboy says:

    Never heard of this guy but him and I have the exact same ethnicity Irish mother Norwegian father!

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