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Birth Name: Chord Paul Overstreet

Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 17, 1989

Ethnicity: German, English, some Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, and Welsh, distant French and Dutch

Chord Overstreet is an American actor, singer, and musician. His roles include the films The Hole (2009), A Warrior’s Heart, 4th Man Out, and Falling for Christmas, the music videos “Lucky,” “Tonight Tonight,” and “Bacon,” and the shows Glee and Acapulco. His songs include “Homeland.”

Chord is the son of Julie/Julia and Paul Overstreet, a country music singer and songwriter. His brother is musician Nash Overstreet.

He has stated that he has some Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this Native American ancestry has been verified/documented.

Chord’s paternal grandfather was The Rev. William Elsworth Overstreet (the son of John Jacob/Jake Overstreet and Minnie Lee Holden). The Rev. William was born in Vancleave, Jackson, Mississippi, and was a Baptist pastor. John was the son of William Sharkey Overstreet and Hattie Leona Whittington. Minnie was the daughter of Simon P. Holden and Ellen Marilla/Merilla/Mariller Rice.

Chord’s paternal grandmother was Mary Lela Havens (the daughter of William Charles Havens and Joanna/Johana Helen Roberts). Mary was born in Vancleave, Jackson, Mississippi. William was the son of John Emanuel Havens and Mary Clementine Dubose. Helen was the daughter of Irwin/Irvin/Ervin Roberts and Martha Cates.

Chord’s maternal grandfather was James Ball Miller (the son of Hugo Victor Miller/Mueller and Marie Traeger/Treeger Ball). James was born in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin. Hugo was born in Milwaukee, to German parents, Anton Mueller/Müller, form Baden, and Elisabeth/Elizabeth/Lizzie Beck, from Saxony. Marie was born in Wisconsin, also to German parents.

Chord’s maternal grandmother was Phyllis L. Hager (the daughter of Leslie Wade Hager and Florence/Flossie Clark). Phyllis was born in Fife Lake, Grand Traverse, Michigan. Leslie was the son of Gardner/Guard C. Hager and Stella Place/LaPlace. Flossie was the daughter of William H. Clark and Lucretia Ann Gill; Lucretia was the daughter of Phillip/Philip Gill and Susannah/Susanna/Susan C. Colvert/Calvert.

Chord is a third cousin, once removed, of actor William H. Macy. Chord’s paternal great-great-grandfather, William Sharkey Overstreet, was a brother of William’s maternal great-grandfather Ellis G. Overstreet.

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  1. bablah says:

    Related to William H. Macy

    Chord’s great-great-grandfather William Sharkey Overstreet was the brother of William’s great-grandfather Ellis G. Overstreet.

  2. Fatmonkey says:

    Dutch, also. This would be the ancestor:

    I’ll go on searching to add up more if I find some.

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