Chloe Coleman

Coleman in 2019, photo by DFree/

Place of Birth: U.S.

Date of Birth: November 23, 2008

*father – African-American
*mother – Slovak, Czech/Moravian, English, some Irish and Scottish

Chloe Coleman is an American actress. Her roles include the films My Spy, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, Gunpowder Milkshake, Marry Me, Avatar: The Way of Water, 65, and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and the shows Big Little Lies and Kinderwood.

She is the daughter of Allison Chase Coleman, an actress and television producer, and Stephen Coleman, a camera operator.

Chloe’s paternal grandfather is named Rodney A. Coleman (the son of Clarence Coleman and Reba).

Chloe’s paternal grandmother is Stephanie Stanford (the daughter of Stephen Ross Stanford and Lillian V. Cobbs). Stephen was the son of Stephen Walter Stanford and Anetta Belle “Annie” Ross. Lillian was the daughter of John Henry Cobbs and Anna/Eliza Rose.

Chloe’s maternal grandfather was Daniel Louis Chase/Csejka (the son of Edward Louis Csejka and Emily/Emilia Ann Nimohay/Nimohi). Daniel was born in Clifton, New Jersey. Louis was the son of Slovak parents, Louis Csejka and Theresa. Emily was also the daughter of Slovak parents. Her father was named Frank Nimohay/Nimohi.

Chloe’s maternal grandmother was Constance Elise Johnson (the daughter of Harry McCrindell Johnson and Rose/Rosalie Ann Psencik/Pseneik). Constance was born in Texas. Harry was the son of Harry McCrindell Johnson and Jean Constance Walker, and had English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. Rose was born in Texas, to Czech [Moravian] parents, Frank A. Psencik/Pseneik and Albena.

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  1. perseus says:

    It’s funny, what she looks like is a girl with African facial features but with light skin. It’s like when I make 3d face models of different ethnicities and experiment with skin tones…

  2. izzybizzy says:

    These are her parents:

    Her dad looks like a typical African American – mostly African with some European.
    She is very pretty too.

  3. Multiethnicchick says:

    She’s clearly mostly white

    • abritanyxo says:

      Clearly mostly white how? You people are crazy lol

      • andrew says:

        well, if her mother is white and her father is African-American, she is >50% white then.

        • Lee says:

          No not necessarily, 23 chrosomes are passed onto u from each of your parents… So she isn’t 50% European* or 50% African

        • midori29 says:

          @andrew who cares about percentages. In reality all humans came from Africa.

          • Lee says:

            And we’re all descended from Adam and Eve

          • Lee says:

            The blue-eyed, Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers mingled with the brown-eyed, pale skinned Early Neolithic Farmers as the latter swept into Europe from the Near East. Agriculture originated in the Near East – in modern Syria, Iraq and Israel – before expanding into Europe around 7,500 years ago. Europe was an unpopulated continent

          • Encorees says:

            @Lee do you know that black people can give birth to children with blue eyes without a white parent?

    • midori29 says:

      @multiethnic chick you seem to have alot of racial issues. Arguing percentages mostly this or that who cares. Really? All you need to know is that her mom is white and her dad is black. Done. You must be latino or Brazilian, Dominicans, are the only percentage nuerotic groups I can think of.

      • Blahby says:

        That’s because African Americans who look like they just arrived from the Congo want to claim Latinos who have any small percentage of African blood….Ironically, way less than passing biracial African American/white celebrities like Meghan Markle or Halsey. Latinos are often non-white in skin color due to Native American, not African, ancestry. If we weren’t Native American, most of us would be white to everyone’s eyes. Meghan Markle said she was 40% Nigerian via dna and black Americans tried saying she was a white girl. Jessica Alba, zero percent African, was made to play a black girl in ‘Honey’ and married — —- biracial guy. Many of us are not ——— to —- —- as we are basically of a different race, but that doesn’t stop you from calling us black and claiming your non-existent Native American ancestry.

      • Blahby says:

        Aubrey Plaza who is half Puerto Rican and half Irish or something is 10% black and 6% Native American. Does she look black to you? Yet she once appeared on a talk show and was given attitude by black band members because they felt they ‘own’ Puerto Rican women. We know — — all trying to pass to become considered ‘white Americans’ with your 40% African DNA. But the hypocrisy is only directed at Latino groups despite having small or non-existent amounts of African DNA.

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